• 2017 Steve Brust Golf Outing


    Thank you Member, Volunteer and Donors for making the 9th Annual Steve Brus Memorial Golf Outing such a huge success!

  • What a great 9th Annual Steve Brust Memorial Golf Outing we had, and it was all thanks to you.  We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the activities, food, and conversation.  We not only met our goal, but we shattered our previous fundraising record.  So thank you again, we hope to see you all next June for our 10th Annual Steve Brust Memorial Golf Outing.

    It was a beautiful day with a huge turnout at Spring Creek Golf Course!  The staff worked so hard throughout the day to make it very memorable.  We couldn't not orchestrate this event without the support of our many hole, flag, cart and specialty sponsors, including door prize contributors and the event attendees who participated.

    We would also like to extend a special thank you to all volunteers who took the time away from their busy schedules to assist us in whatever task was at hand.  Than you to the IVAC Board of Directors, Ambassadors and several member firms who helped make this event successful, without your volunteer support, this event would not be possible.

  • TJ Templeton -  Hometown National Bank

    Jenny Roulston - Starved Rock Conference Center

    Kayla Samolinski - Dimond Brothers Insurance

    Ken Credi - Coronet Dodge

    Brian Phillips - Motion Industries

    David Loveland - Maze Nails

    Byron Veech - Dynegy

    Tracy Spencer - MTM Recognition

  • Frank Kobilsek - St. Margaret’s Hospital

    Kelsey Brannan - City Center Rehab

    Danielle De Carlo - IV Construction

    Bob Suarez - First State Bank

    Rachel Krug - First Federal Savings Bank

    Laura Hein - Eureka Savings Bank

    Mark Cross - Peru Elementary School District # 124

    Kevin Folty - The Digital Store

  • Kimberly O’Connor - Innovative Staff Solutions

    Michele King - Heartland Bank and Trust

    Doneida Larson - Sweet Deeda’s Bake Shop

    Julie Sloan - United Way

    Justin Lamboley - Central Bank

    Neal Hodges - Hartauer Insurance

    Tori & Kylie - Grandma Rosie's Sweet Treats

    Melissa & Jessica - First State Bank

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      Volunteers Frank Kobilsek & Kelsey Brannon
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      Volunteers Michelle King & Tracy Spencer
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      Jonathan and Penny
    • IMG_4670.JPG
      Kyli and Tori
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      Nikki, Laura, Jen, and Dr. Maschmann
    • IMG_4689.JPG
      Brust Family