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  • Nominations Are Open

    Nomination Period Ends- August 11th

  • Do you know someone 40 years old or more who is a true force of positive change in your community? If you know someone who lives or works in LaSalle, Bureau, or Putnam counties and is involved in local organizations (even if that someone is you) please nominate them today!

    We believe that age is just a number when it comes to making a difference, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of IVAC's Community Cornerstone Recognition. This prestigious honor celebrates the unsung heroes in our communities who are 40 years and older, transforming lives and shaping our region for the better.

    In every neighborhood, town, and city, there are remarkable individuals who embody the qualities of leadership, mentorship, vision, and compassion. They are the foundation that allow us to build into the future, dedicating their time, wisdom, and energy to improving the lives of others. Now is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on these extraordinary people and honor their invaluable contributions.

    The Community Cornerstone Award is more than just a recognition. It is an expression of gratitude and a heartfelt tribute to those individuals who have dedicated themselves to making our communities stronger, kinder, and more vibrant. By nominating someone who deserves this honor, you have the chance to give them the recognition they truly deserve and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

    Whether they have spearheaded local initiatives, developed successful businesses, acted as a guiding light for others, or volunteered countless hours, we want to hear about these remarkable individuals. Help us identify the community cornerstones who have laid a strong foundation for our community's continued growth.

    Join us in celebrating the exceptional leaders, mentors, and change-makers who are forty and older. Nominate someone today and let their incredible story of service and dedication inspire us all.

    Together, let's honor the people you should know—the unsung heroes who are the very cornerstones of our communities.