• Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Golf-Sponsorship_2017.png
  • Classic "Shots" from 2016

    • Charity-Hole.jpg
      Proceeds from the charity hole go toward the Lighted Way
    • IVACLightedway_640-(2).jpg
      $1,000 donation to the Lighted Way in Steve's name
    • Start-your-engines.JPG
      Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!
    • Christy_Dick.jpg
      Christy Pytel and Dick Martuzzo make a great team
    • Volunteers.JPG
      We love our volunteers!
    • Dr.-Ed-Monroe-Lifetime-of-Smiles-Crew.JPG-w1920.jpg
      Dr. Ed Monroe, Lifetime of Smiles Crew
    • Mark_Rod.jpg
      These four are sneaky
    • oops.jpg
      Oops! Watch out for the water hazard
    • Seasoned-Pros.jpg
      These two are seasoned pros
    • Sassy-ladies-of-IVAC.jpg
      The sassy women of IVAC
    • Trouble.JPG-w1920.jpg
      Touble Trouble
    • St.-Bede-Crew.JPG-w1920.jpg
      Are those guys St. Bede Academy Alumn?