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    Why organic coffee you might ask? The reason we select the coffee we did is simply because we asked ourselves one simple question. Would we serve coffee with chemicals and pesticides to our kids? Our answer was no. Upon researching the coffee industry and learning that almost all coffee is imported into the United States, we began to research growing methods. There are chemicals used when growing the crops and during this process, we also learned how little regulation exists in some of the developing countries. It is through this research and through one simple question we have establish our coffee standard.

    High-Quality organic coffee- A very important part of providing high-quality coffee is being able to ensure proper growing methods are being used. Using only organic coffee allows us to ensure no harmful chemicals are being applied to our coffee. In many countries where coffee is imported, current government regulations on chemical spraying is far less regulated than that in the United States.

    We are strongly against pesticides in our coffee. With coffee farmers being able to net 485 pounds more coffee from one acre totaling 770 pounds per acre, applying 250 pounds of chemical fertilizer per acre. Compare this to 285 pounds on an organic farm. You will see why there is such a heavy use of pesticides and chemicals used in the coffee industry.

    This is a core principle of why we ensure we are using organic coffee to ensure our coffee is not being sprayed with harsh chemicals and working its way into our cup of Sally Sue’s coffee.


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