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    CLRED is a real estate developer focused on seeking out the most impactful opportunities in towns across the Midwest for the betterment of the community and the lives of the people that live there. We call this ''Small Towns. Big Ideas.''

    The Carus family has been invested in small towns since 1915 when Carus Chemical first began in LaSalle, IL where it still operates today. Fast forward to 2010 when CL Enterprises was born. C and L are the initials of the husband and wife team of Inga Carus and Peter Limberger, two wonderful individuals who share in the love of promoting small towns and want to see them flourish.

    Through CL Enterprises, Peter and Inga have built new and creative businesses (like CL Real Estate Development) and enjoy finding new ways to develop properties, create jobs, and invest in local arts, businesses, education, and tourism in small towns across the Midwest.