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    Our audiologist will take the time to learn about you, your medical history, your hearing concerns, your lifestyle and communication goals. The more our audiologist knows about how you use your ears will help give a full picture of your communication needs.
    Participating in a hearing evaluation is easy and painless. Our audiologist will first look in your ears with an otoscope to make sure your canals are clear and healthy. You will then be seated in a sound booth where you will wear a pair of specialized headphones and listen for a series of sounds. These tones will vary in volume and frequency, and you will need to raise your hand each time you hear one. As the test progresses, our audiologist will gain a better understanding of your current hearing ability. With this information, our audiologist will be able to identify your hearing thresholds and can then determine the specific type and extent of your hearing loss.
    Upon completion of the hearing evaluation, our audiologist will review your results in detail. She will clearly explain to you which frequencies and volumes are within your hearing range and which ones you may be missing on a day to day basis. If a hearing loss is found, our audiologist will work with you as a team to determine which treatment options are most appropriate for your loss and lifestyle. Depending on your degree of hearing loss, you may have the opportunity on the same day to try out digital hearing aids customized to your loss.

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