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    Our focus is on helping businesses and individuals reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents due to wet and slippery surfaces. Our durable, long-lasting, anti-slip floor treatments and coatings dramatically increase the friction of wet surfaces. After a Sure Step treatment, your floors will become significantly safer while maintaining the same appearance, you can expect a texture change with our Sure Step coating.

    What is a Sure Step Treatment?
    Sure Step is a long lasting chemical treatment which creates an invisible, sophisticated micro tread design into the surface of almost every hard mineral floor i.e. ceramic, concrete, Spanish, marble, granite, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel and many others.

    Sure Step increases the coefficient of friction when a floor or surface gets wet. The result is that your foot will no longer slip out from under you. This higher coefficient of friction makes it dramatically more slip-resistant and therefore, safer.

    Our treatment and slippery floor products are based on sound engineering principles accompanied by a scientifically proven and tested formulation developed over many years.
    How does it work?
    Our Sure Step treatment is applied by our distributors and then promptly removed, leaving zero residues, film, or coating. Our products will not change or alter the appearance of the treated floor or bathtub.

    - Requires no shutdown time.
    - Is not a sealer, sprayed on film or coating.
    - Is not an etching treatment.
    - Is Applicable for indoor or outdoor installations in all types of weather.



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