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    What we do here at Super Wash is not nearly as important to us as ''who'' we are. We strive every day to make a positive difference in other people's lives and just happen to wash millions and millions of cars a year along the way. Super Wash, Inc. is the nation's premier turnkey car wash company. We have been a part of the development or construction of over 700 car washes nationwide. There are currently approximately 270 combination self-serve and brushless automatic car washes operating under the Super Wash® trademark in 19 different states from coast to coast.


    Part Time Attendant Position
    Category: Customer Services
    Peru Super Wash car wash is accepting applications for th part-time attendant position. Hours vary. Team attitude and outgoing personality are important. Retired individuals are welcome to apply. Please apply in person at Peru Super Wash, 1133 Wenzel Rd, Peru
    Phone:(815) 224-2901