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    Illinois Valley PADS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, support, and advocacy for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the Illinois Valley region .The shelters, located in Peru and Ottawa, serve a critical community need.

    In addition to shelter and meals, IV PADS personalized case management/Service Plans provide a safe space to discuss goals, offer needed resources, and connections to supportive services to help individuals rebuild their lives and achieve employment, stable housing, and independence.

    In the 2023 – 2024 season, IV PADS:
    • Maintained a staffed 24-hour operation from August 1 – May 31,
    • Offered day services from June 1 – July 31, when the shelters undergo deep cleaning and repair,
    • Served 562 clients, which included 49 family units and 89 children,
    • Provided 27,784 shelter beds, calculated at one bed per night, per person,
    • With the help of many volunteers, served 79,881 meals.
    • Connected nearly all of their clients to outside resources, including counseling for substance abuse and mental health, churches for those seeking spiritual guidance, healthcare options and insurance, etc.

    IV PADS clients:
    • Attended 1,489 enrichment classes, 9,739 life skills classes,
    • Met with counselors and healthcare providers,
    • Because of their dedication to self-improvement, 218 clients obtained employment,
    • 94 clients obtained independent, permanent housing.

    These are the only homeless shelters in roughly a 50-mile radius. Currently seeking volunteers, donations, and community support to help achieve the IV PADS mission

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    Hope Alyea
    Patricia Walters