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    We are a viable resource to those who demand the best, and we continue to expand our client base despite the competition within the industry. The reason for continual success can be summarized in two important words - SUPERIOR SERVICE!

    We will serve you best no matter how large, or small, your collection needs, because we realize how important an above average recovery ratio can mean to your overall bottom line. Our services are performed as if the future of our company depends upon the results we achieve - BECAUSE IT DOES!

    Our priority is not to be the biggest - it's to be the Best!! We will achieve this goals because as a collection agency, WE WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY!

    We are an Agency with work ethics of skilled professionals. We strongly believe that the quality of our work is of greater importance than the quantity of our listings. We stick with this work ethic in spite of the fact that many in our industry have sacrificed those values in favor of a large sales staff and soliciting more collection listings while producing less in their recovery results.

    Collection Professionals, Inc., is dedicated to a single purpose...to provide our clients with the best recovery - to - listings ratio possible.

    Our “quality” concept is more time consuming and costly, but the results we achieve justify our means; our clients continuously receive a far greater return on their bad debt dollar. Isn't that what a collection agency should do??? Isn’t it time that you experienced this financial reward?