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    Express Tunnel Car Wash

    Your experience begins at our Self-Service Pay Stations. Our pay terminals are user friendly, will assist you in selecting your wash, and completing the transaction with either cash, or credit cards. The pay terminals are programmed never to pressure our customers to upgrade your car wash experience. Our prices start at only $8.00.

    Once your transaction is complete, you will drive your vehicle to the tunnel entrance where our friendly staff will assist you in driving onto the conveyor belt. You will then be instructed to put your car in neutral, foot off the brakes, and hands off the steering wheel.

    During the wash process your vehicle will be cleaned, and dried by our state-of-the-art wash equipment. Our system is designed to wash your vehicle fast, and safe. Our advanced cleaning system ends with our unique heated drying chamber. Unlike other car washes, our equipment is, continually maintained by our staff of trained equipment technicians. We take great pride in keeping our wash equipment in perfect working condition at all times.

    All our customers are welcome to use our Vacuum System. Our vacuum system is always in working condition, and provides a high degree of suction to make your vacuum experience fun, easy, and FREE.


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