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    Abigail Women's Center strives to encourage individuals to make healthy choices related to sexuality and childbearing, consistant with the sanctity of human life; we provide free and confidential services (education, counsel, support) and encouragement from a Biblical point of view.
    Since 1973, abortion in the United States has been legal in all nine months of pregnancy. Every 20 seconds a baby is killed and a mother is wounded. Abigail Women's Center has been working for life in the Illinois Valley since 1997. We provide pregnancy services and referrals to women who are in a crisis pregnancy, or in a financial crisis that puts their unborn child at risk.
    Abigail Women's Center is now providing limited obstetrical ultrasounds at no cost to the client. Statistics show that once a mother sees an ultrasound of her unborn child, she is 90% more likely to continue her pregnancy.