• Starved Rock Regional Center Announces 2019 Ambassadors

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    January 04, 2019
    SRRC (formerly Easter Seals LBC) is proud to introduce Jack and Oliver Kinkin as the 2019 Ambassadors. Jack and Oliver are two-year old twin boys from Ottawa, IL. Oliver currently shows signs of Autism, but has yet to be officially diagnosed and Jack has a speech and developmental delays.  
    When Oliver was 18 months old, he wasn’t talking, had stopped babbling and had started making humming noises. Cole and Erin decided to take away the pacifier to see if that helped. It didn’t. The humming became more constant. He had stopped waving “hi” and “bye” and seemed withdrawn. Jack was not yet talking and was behind on other developmental milestones. They expressed concerns to their pediatrician at the boys 21 month appointment. 
    Cole and Erin began taking the boys for therapy services in Yorkville right away. The commute was very hard and the therapy sessions were not productive. The pediatrician and therapists recommended Early Intervention for both boys.  
    Jack and Oliver are the new SRRC Ambassadors for 2019
    Luckily, they were referred to SRRC when the boys had just turned two. The boys started weekly Developmental Therapy and Toddler Class twice a week. Cole and Erin saw a change in the boys right away and they continued to make amazing progress each week. 
    “Kelly, our Developmental therapist comes to the house each week which is so convenient for us and makes for a comfortable environment for our boys,” said Erin. “They didn’t do as well when we traveled to therapists. With Kelly at home, they are so relaxed and happy and making such great progress.”
    Their parents are grateful they found SRRC and for what a difference Developmental Therapy & Toddler classes have made for their boys. They can’t imagine where they would be today without the support and services that have been made available to them right here in Ottawa.
    About SRRC:
    SRRC provides quality developmental, speech and occupational therapy services to children who have a developmental delay or are at risk for developmental delay. Screenings are provided free of charge in Ottawa and at locations throughout LaSalle & Bureau Counties. SRRC also has a structured toddler class in Ottawa for 2-year olds, a child care center in Ottawa for children with and without special needs from 6 months to 12 years old (and beyond if there is a special need) and an Autism Resource Center on site in Ottawa.  
    We depend on community support to continue being the largest provider of early intervention services in LaSalle & Bureau Counties. Without SRRC, families may be forced to travel great distances to get the services that they need. This would make it nearly impossible for both parents to work and would cause financial strain due to missed work and cost of travel. 
    When you donate to SRRC, you are helping local families get the therapy services they need right in their own homes.

    Tracy Beattie, Director of Development
    (815) 434-0857