• Plastic Manufacturing Technician

    Posted: 10/10/2021

    A Plastic Manufacturing Technician is responsible for the packaging, labeling and visual quality inspection of all products produced on their respective production line. A Plastic Manufacturing Technician is also required to assist Line Operators with line start-ups, shutdowns and tooling changeovers. Partners closely with the Line Operator to meet established production goals.


    This position requires the flexibility to work 40+ hours per week and weekends as required.  At ADS we offer both 8 & 12-hour shifts.


    Joining our team has great benefits, here’s just a few for our 12-hour shift opportunities:



    Work-life balance, with more days off per month you’ll enjoy time away from work. You can plan your life around predictable schedules and extra days off for personal interests, hobbies, and wellness activities.


    Increased pay as our 12-hour shift will increase take-home pay because you’ll earn at least 8 hours of OT each pay period.


    Personal Savings as our 12-hour shift employees will have fewer workdays per week which mean fewer hours commuting and lower expenses related to getting to and from work. At ADS this equals six less trips to work per month.



    Whether you want an 8 or 12-hour shift, we have it all available!



    The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

    • Embrace a culture of safety
    • Ensure quality by conducting final visual inspections and labeling all finished goods
    • Track quantity of units produced from the production line to ensure efficiency
    • Utilize standard operating procedures to package pipe to be delivered to customers
    • Maintain a safe working environment that includes the consistent use of Personal Protection Equipment to ensure your safety
    • Assist with line tooling changes, start-ups, shutdowns and down-stream equipment set-up
    • Ability to learn and stay current on pipe specifications and packaging requirements
    • Practice continuous improvement which not only includes the line but also facility housekeeping
    • Invest in your career with ADS. Build and maintain job skills and additional earning potential through company training programs

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